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Mahir CK - Black Moon's Shade, Artwork.j

Black Moon's Shade

Press release:

The story behind the lyrics of Black Moon's Shade was co-developed with the ballad-rock artist

Blake Johnston - vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Casual Cubs. Lyrics were written and finalized by Blake Johnston. The initial emotional direction of the lyrics soon transformed into a positive outlook when Johnston came up with the "Ooh"s and "Aah"s in what turned out to be the drop section.


Black Moon's Shade's melodic and harmonic accompaniments are light while the rhythmic and

thematic elements of the song are dominant, placing the song somewhere between Synthwave and Nu Disco. Mahir CK remarks, "Whenever I shared the song with a friend while walking down the street, their walk would turn into a strut, and their facial expression started looking almost like they were narcissistic for some reason..."


While the song has emotional lyrics, the arrangement contains hardcore 80s electronic pop and 70s disco elements with an uplifting mood. The synth solo and the vocal hook of the drop section gives a kind of escapism and euphoria that is very rare in today's music!

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